Dark web monitoring

A Disaster for Cyber Security

Explaining the main scams of the Dark Web The World Wide Web has its own complex anatomy. And the Dark Web can be called an anonymous “bottom” of it with a pretty negative reputation. This segment of the internet became notorious by giving birthplace for drugs and weapons markets, extremist discussion forums, underground services and …

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Digital Risk Protection

2020 became the year of change for many companies in almost every aspect. The situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic had to be tackled in a way that allowed businesses to keep working, yet follow all the public health recommendations to reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus.This emergency built up a new work-from-home culture …

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Welcome to the new Munitio website

Main facts about us Munit.io is a pioneer in dark web investigation technologies and the first European company that introduced a dark web solution for LEAs and Governments. It was set up in 2016 by MarketScape and a group of partners as a successful spinout from MarketScape A/S. Startув out as a government-only dark web …

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