Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection combines intelligence, recognition, and immediate reaction to reduce day-to-day attacks across the external digital risk environment.

Protect your company, organisation, and individuals from cybercrime with SAGA – an innovative Digital Risk Protection & Dark web monitoring platform that automates the monitoring of the surface, deep and dark web. Avoid becoming potential targets of fraud.


SAGA is an innovative Digital Risk Protection platform that automates monitoring of the surface-, deep and dark web, to protect companies, organisations or individuals who are a potential target of fraud or cybercrime.


A complete suite of solutions covering all aspects of Digital Risk Protection. SAGA has a proven track record with both government agencies and LEAs, but also commercial clients within for example the financial sector, critical infrastructure, or global pharmaceutical companies.

Data collections

SAGA data collections are expandable and user-friendly security resources that require a minimum of configuration from your side to start accelerating threat detection and investigation.

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