SAGA is an innovative Digital Risk Protection platform that automates monitoring of the surface-, deep and dark web, to protect companies, organisations or individuals who are a potential target of fraud or cybercrime.


Unrivalled data, breadth, depth and system usability

Combining our own proprietary scraping system and ultra deep external data integrations, we have created a data system with a unrivalled surface-, deep and dark web dataset.

Modularized approach, you pay for what you use

Covering the broadest range of threats on the market, a pay-as-you-need modular architecture means customers receive streamlined, cost-effective intelligence delivered in real-time.

Copenhagen based, global expertise, local insights and delivery

Outsmart threats by tapping into expertise via our world-class global partner network in 30 markets and 6 languages.



The SAGA cloud is accessible over the internet and requires no local hardware. It runs on highly secure certified data centers in multiple locations globally. The SAGA cloud is rebuilt twice a month with new features and updates.


The SAGA restful API helps you to integrate SAGA data directly into your existing technology. Introduce robust darknet content into your existing MSSP offering smoothly and continuously.


The SAGA product installed on local hardware. It connects to the SAGA API via an encrypted tunnel or has its own data scrapers running locally.

AIR GAP option

An addition to SAGA on prem that suits sensitive commercial projects and government or state clients. In this case, SAGA sits behind a data diode, receiving data one-way from an external proprietary scraping system.

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