Why partner with us?

Munit.io is a leader in Digital Risk Protection, helping you and your customers look beyond the network, protecting data wherever it lives.

As a partner, Munit.io is committed to your success, providing technical support, training, and resources to minimize your clients’ digital risk and strengthening protection across the surface, deep, and dark web.


SAGA enables resellers to lead with security innovation, establishing your position as a strategic industry advisor. It allows earning fully recurring revenue at best-in-class margins within the leading global channel program.

Protect your investment in developing new business with our deal registration program. After approving a new opportunity, we work exclusively with you to develop it and reward you with additional margins.


With SAGA you get modernized MSSP offerings. Provided with scalable protection across MSSP customers’ social media digital environments, you empower your analyst and intelligence services with co-branded capabilities.

SAGA OEM delivers unparalleled collections and data to augment your existing products and services and support the launch of new ones.

Easily integrate SAGA software and services into your own solution via our API. Use a flexible data format that can be delivered structured or unstructured.

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