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A complete suite of AI-Powered Services covering all aspects of Digital Risk Protection. SAGA® has a proven track record with both government agencies and LEAs, but also commercial clients within for example the financial sector, critical infrastructure, or global pharmaceutical companies.

FOR the private sector

The digital world gives businesses the freedom to present themselves online, interact with customers and provide 24/7 support through websites, messengers, and social media. The nature of publicly available platforms requires that a large subset of data is accessible not only for customers and businesses but for cybercriminals. Attackers see these platforms as vast storehouses of personal information that can be collected, analyzed, and stolen. Once your business or organisation goes online, you, your team, and your customers become potential victims of scams and cyber attacks. Cybercriminals target hundreds of new vulnerabilities every minute and cost the world several trillion euros every year. Implementing steps to protect your business and customers from cybercrime became a mandatory part of every business management process.

Brand protection

According to a study by the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, annual global sales losses from counterfeiting and piracy in the EU amounted to EUR 60 billion. Nearly 7-8% of world trade every year is in counterfeit goods, highlighted in research by the FBI, Interpol, World Customs Organization, and the International Chamber of Commerce.
Keeping your brand safe turned into an increasingly difficult issue with new threats coming from the digital environment. Digital crimes such as fake accounts, spoofed domains, and scams became real problems for brands. Criminals manipulate with brand logos and product photos, create accounts and even organise fake campaigns to trick customers. They coax out customers’ money under the brand name, thereby damaging the company’s reputation.

SAGA® provides you with brand protection by exposing hidden threats of the cyber world. Equipped with SAGA, you can easily monitor an existing digital environment, regulate illegal usage of your brand, find negative reviews, control confidential information and prevent data leaks. Obtaining data from various sources of open, deep and dark net, SAGA® allows you to create a strong defense against digital crimes.paste sites & code repositories.

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Executive protection

When it comes to executive protection, physical security is no longer the only area to be considered. Your executives, public employees and VIPs can be easily misrepresented or discredited. This leads not only to a ruined reputation, but gives criminals easy access to your sensitive internal information. It is the right time to hire not only bodyguards, but cyberguards too to secure your organisation.

It becomes an organisation’s obligation to identify and address the root causes of possible digital dangers. More threats involve elements of online activity, requiring security teams to augment on-the-ground personnel with cybersecurity tools and intelligence.

SAGA® allows you to protect your executives and eliminate the unwanted consequences of being a part of the digital world. With SAGA®, you get streamlined access to unindexed deep and dark web sources where current VIPs or executives’ vulnerabilities can be published. You are also provided with deep access to forums, where high-value targets are particularly discussed and potentially threatened.

By using sophisticated alerting rule sets, SAGA® makes it possible to secure data and keep affected individuals notified every time they are mentioned.

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Fraud prevention

The Finance and Insurance industries were always in the top-10 of the most targeted areas in cybercrime. According to the 2019 IBM report, they covered 19% of online criminal activity. A lot of financial institutions had a deep understanding of this problem and were prepared to spend their time and money on cybersecurity. But with the new reality and work-from-home culture that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to us, the numbers are increasing dramatically.

While trying to save businesses and moving online to interact with teams, customers, and partners, companies became the potential victims. This change in the online world has created absolutely new kinds of crimes targeting your businesses through the home networks that can’t be secured so closely.

Criminals discover vulnerabilities, track down the information and sell it through the dark web. A lot of companies that faced frauds acknowledge that the resources spent on fraud investigations sometimes even double the cost of the fraud itself causing altogether huge losses.

The risk of fraud poses a real threat to every company and business regardless of the size or location. Understanding current financial fraud tactics is one of the best ways for banks to prevent and detect attacks.
With SAGA’s® complete set of solutions, you can ensure a speedy reaction to different financial fraud schemes. SAGA® monitors and analyses the “hidden internet,” which includes the deep and dark webs, contains thousands of sites either selling financial data and fraud services or discussing financial fraud strategies.

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Threat Intelligence

Only 4% of the world web’s content is available for the general public. Another 96% is a non-indexed part of the internet, including websites that use logins or other methods to block the search engines from indexing. This part is called the Deep Web. It has gained a really bad reputation because of its tiny segment – the Dark Web. The special software (Tor, VPN, I2P) required to use the Dark Web, provides anonymity. This made it appealing to cyber criminals. The Dark Web has a lot of objectionable and illegal content: drugs, child pornography, stolen identities and much more. There are also discussion forums and breached data dumps full of information about companies vulnerabilities, breached information, and cyberattacks how-to’s.

Threat Intelligence is based on up-to-date information about threats and is used to mitigate events that can be harmful to your business or organisation. SAGA® provides you with a large-scale data collection based on different sources: from open sources like blogs and social media to hidden forums in the dark web that can’t be reached by ordinary users. The successful completion of the information analysis stage is extremely important. The results of investigations can be used for further steps in selecting the right tactics to fight back the attacks.

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Data breach protection

Every data leak has the potential to become a major data breach and any business missing complex cyber security strategy is at risk.

According to Ponemon Institute, nearly 60% of businesses have experienced a major data breach caused by a third party in 2020. It took 280 days on average to identify and contain a breach and the total cost went up to $4.29 million. 43% of victims were small and medium businesses.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other recent regulatory standards not only require organizations to enhance the control and protection of their data, but also to improve their ability to detect and mitigate breaches efficiently.

SAGA® provides you with brand protection by exposing hidden threats of the cyber world. Equipped with SAGA®, you can easily monitor an existing digital environment, regulate illegal usage of your brand, find negative reviews, control confidential information and prevent data leaks. Obtaining data from various sources of open, deep and dark net, SAGA® allows you to create a strong defense against digital crimes.

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The catchy domain name has a great value for every brand. And once your website becomes appealing for customers, it starts attracting cybercrooks that are constantly scanning the web for new victims. Criminals can imitate your domain to mislead your customers or use bots to attack the website. These actions result in customers dissatisfaction, damaged reputation and financial losses. Unfortunately, not only the most popular brands constantly fall under attacks. Nowadays being a small sized company does not protect you from being a target. If you are on the web, you can easily become someone’s next destination.

Secure your brand, website and customers by using SAGA’s® proactive approach. Detect and suppress cybersquatting, URL hijacking and other domain-based attacks before they get closer to your team and customers.

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For Law enforcement & national security

The anonymity provided by the Dark Web makes it a perfect place for communication to different kinds of criminals that don’t reveal themselves in the Surface Web. Gaining or developing information related to threats of terrorism through the Dark Web is an uneasy task even for government organisations. Tracking down the Dark Web users without special software is impossible. Apart from this, cyber threats have a changing nature that requires from the government side constant investigation and analysis to apprehend offenders. Another hard task is to provide only clear and double-checked information to decision-makers to develop response strategies or even reallocate resources to carry out effective prevention.

The main objectives within law enforcement and national security are prevention, planning, and resource allocation. Combining various methods, SAGA® filters, indexes, analyzes, and permanently stores data offline. It enables operators, investigators, and analysts to closely scrutinize and monitor nefarious or illegal activities and communications.
SAGA® is delivered to LEA and government clients as cloud, hybrid or on-prem (AIR GAP) systems.

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