NOTIONES: security-related research project

This week and MarketScape took part in the first meeting of the security-related research project NOTIONES (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS). The project has received funding from the Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101021853.

The main aim is to build a network of partners from the security and intelligence services of EU Member States and Associated Countries. The goal is to identify clearly the emerging threats of the cyber world and research the ways to cover the security and public services needs.

MarketScape and will take an active part during the stage of the project that covers the state-of-the-art of technologic advancements exploitable by intelligence and security practitioners in the field of Open Source Intelligence and Web Analysis. This task will conduct a full review of the technologies and tools used during different intelligence phases and will evaluate their utility in light of the challenges posed by them for intelligence and security applications. The task also will highlight the main issues and threats of indexed and non-indexed parts of the internet.

The NOTIONES project will last for five years. The results will contribute to further security and intelligence research and will be presented to the broad intelligence community during workshops. As a part of MarketScape, Munitio will publish the reports and brief overviews, summarising the main stages of the project.

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