Attack Surface Monitoring with the SAGA® Exposed Services module presents the Exposed Services module which is now part of the SAGA® Digital Risk Protection platform!

This data module helps you find entry points that would give hackers access to your sensitive data.

How the Exposed services module works

Any device connected directly to the internet may contain publicly-available information – the hostname, domain, product, software version, ASN, etc. Some of this data might be used by cybercriminals to gather information or perform an attack.

In this way, any software, webcam, internet router, security camera, water treatment facility, medical device, license plate reader, or smart TV can be potentially exposed and accessed by cybercriminals.

The Exposed Services module helps prevent such attacks by showing you any vulnerable devices with potentially usable data for hackers.

What do you do with the data from Exposed services?

See if any of your devices contain exposed data that should be hidden.
Monitor software that needs updates due to known vulnerabilities.
Keep an eye on all company or personal devices that access the internet.

We recommend addressing all the exposed data to your company’s tech specialists. After they hide that information, it will no longer be accessible to cybercriminals.

Knowledge is power.

The SAGA® Exposed services module gives you the knowledge to foresee and prevent hacker attacks.

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