The development of the digital world gives great opportunities but increases unwanted consequences. By adopting new technologies, you and your team turn into potential victims of scams. Under these circumstances, the digital risk world became an essential part of business risk management. Consequently, Digital Risk Protection (DRP) emerged as a way to actually manage digital risks.

DRP is a proactive defensive strategy that starts with a deep understanding of potential threats and leads to a set of preventive measures.

Open / SurfacE web

The indexed part of the internet, including any website that has been detected and indexed by major search engines.

Deep web

The non-indexed part of the internet, including websites that require logins or use other methods to block the search engines from indexing the content.

Dark web

The part of the internet that requires special software or browser settings to access it. The software can provide anonymity for its users, making it extremely attractive to criminals.

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